To withdraw from a course, a student must meet with his or her academic advisor who will assist the student in completing an official withdrawal form which must be signed by both the student and the academic advisor. Until the official withdrawal process is complete, the student remains enrolled in the class. If the withdrawal is processed prior to the tenth week of the semester, a grade of W will be recorded on the student’s official record (please see the Academic Calendar for specific dates). After the ninth week, a grade of WF will be recorded if the student is doing D or F work at the time of the withdrawal; a grade of W will be recorded only when the student is doing work of C or better.

Add-Drop Period (ABE)

The ABE program maintains an add-drop period during which students may change classes without academic penalty. A student may drop a course without academic record until the end of the first week of the course. A student may not add a course after the course has already begun.

A course may be dropped with the academic record (W) until the end of week three (3). A course may be dropped after the beginning of week four (4) with an academic penalty (WF) subject to the same policies and procedures outlined in the Traditional Academic Programs.

Students dropping a class, but not replacing it with another, must be aware of how this drop may affect tuition charges, financial aid eligibility and satisfactory academic progress.