Lincoln College-Normal offers orientation programs specific to the student’s division: traditional academic programs, the Center for Adult Learning/ABE, and the Midwest College of Cosmetology. The descriptions and requirements of each of these orientation programs follow.

Traditional Academic Programs – PROP (Placement, Registration, Orientation Period)

New full-time freshmen whose first semester of attendance is in the fall semester must register for a Placement Registration Orientation Period (PROP) session. PROP is designed to help students make the transition from high school to college and begin the process of becoming part of the Lincoln College-Normal community. During their PROP session, students take the mandatory placement tests, meet with academic advisors, learn general information about the policies of the College, and register for classes. Students also have the opportunity to explore the campus and meet with College faculty, staff, and current students.

PROP registration forms and detailed information are mailed to new freshmen upon their acceptance to the College.

Center for Adult Learning/Accelerated Bridge to Education – ABE 101

All new ABE students must attend an orientation (ABE 101) session prior to starting the program.  ABE 101 is designed to help students obtain all the necessary College and ABE program policies and procedures, as well as introduce the online course management system.  This one and a half (1 ½) hour session is held once at the beginning of every session and dates are made available in the ABE office and from an ABE academic advisor.  The option of an online orientation session is also sometimes offered.

Midwest College of Cosmetology

The Midwest College of Cosmetology conducts an orientation for all students in each of its programs of study at the start of the student’s first enrollment in the program. These orientations are designed to familiarize students with the curriculum and state licensure requirements for each program as well as introduce the necessary Lincoln College-Normal and Midwest College of Cosmetology policies and procedures. Students receive a Midwest College of Cosmetology Handbook fully outlining such policies.