A grade of Incomplete (I) may be given only when the following criteria are met.

  1. The student’s absence from class was the primary reason for failure to complete the requirements of the course.
  2. The student’s absence and failure to complete the requirements of the course was due to a bona fide cause (such as illness).  The instructor may require official, written documentation of the cause.
  3. The student completed at least two-thirds of the work of the course at a passing level.
  4. The instructor agrees to assist the student in completing the work within the specified timeline.  An incomplete is not granted automatically.  In many cases, the appropriate course of action may be withdrawal from the course.

No instructor is required to offer an incomplete grade to any student even if the student meets all of the above criteria.  If the instructor is willing to issue an incomplete, he/she will submit an Incomplete Grade Agreement to both the division/program head and the Dean of Academic Affairs for approval.  If approved, all work must be completed within the following time frames:

  • Traditional Academic Courses:  No later than six (6) weeks from the end of the semester/term
  • Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) Courses:  No later than two (2) weeks from the end of the ABE session in which the Incomplete was received.
  • Midwest College of Cosmetology  Incomplete grades cannot be given.  If the work is not completed within the specific time frame above, the student’s grade will automatically revert to the default grade determined by the instructor at the time the incomplete grade was issued.  The default grade is determined by the percentage currently earned out of the total semester/session points possible.