Academic Course Grade and Transcript Mark definitions:

  • A – indicates excellent work and carries a weight of 4 points for every credit hour in the course.
  • B – indicates good work and carries a weight of 3 credit points for every credit hour in the course.
  • C – indicates average work and carries a weight of 2 credit points for every credit hour in the course.
  • D – indicates poor work and carries a weight of 1 credit point for every credit hour in the course.
  • F – indicates failing work and carries no credit points.
  • I – A grade of Incomplete (I) may be given only when the criteria listed below are met.
  • W– The mark of Withdrawal (W) will be given when a student withdraws or is administratively with drawn from a class within the guaranteed W time limit. This carries no grade points.
  • WF – The mark of WF will be given when a student withdraws or is administratively withdrawn from the class after the posted deadline for withdrawal in the specific campus division or program of study and the student is doing “D” or “F” work. This mark will affect the grade point average.
  • AU – The mark of Audit (AU) is given when the student enrolls with the purpose of attending the class but not receiving credit. Audited courses are only allowed in the Traditional Academic Programs and are not permitted in the Center for Adult Learning/ABE and Midwest College of Cosmetology. Permission to audit must be obtained from the instructor before registering, and the student must satisfy all prerequisites for the class he or she wishes to audit. The instructor has the final decision as to the conditions under which a student is permitted to audit the class, i.e., attendance, homework, and class participation policies. If the student does not abide by the instructor’s policy, permission to audit may be revoked. Audited classes do not count toward the fulfillment of degree requirements. A student enrolled in any class with “Audit” status may not convert to “For Credit” status after the 7th day of the semester in traditional academic programs and after the first day of class in the Accelerated Bridge to Education Program (ABE).
  • TR – The mark of Transfer (TR) is noted on Lincoln College transcripts when the student received transfer credit from another accredited institution.
  • NC – Non-Credit
  • R – The mark of Repeated (R) is noted on the transcript when a student repeats a course in a semester subsequent to completing the same course. If a student elects to repeat a course, only the last repetition is computed on the grade point average. All grades received will be recorded on the permanent record, and other institutions may include all grades in evaluating the student’s record.

Midwest College of Cosmetology Grades and Transcript Marks:

Transcript marks for the vocational/technical certificate classes offered through the Midwest College of Cosmetology are indicated on the official transcripts issued by the Midwest College of Cosmetology as indicated below:

  • Academics:  Includes the first date of attendance, the final date of attendance, the final grade percentage for the written and practical examinations, and the date of graduation from the certificate.
  • Subject:  Indicates the subject of the modules in courses as aligned with the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) requirements for licensure.
  • Number of Hours:  Indicates the required clock-hours for each subject and the number of hours completed by the student in each subject.
  • Total Hour:  Indicates the total number of clock hours completed in the certificate program.
  • Grades:  Indicates the grade percentage earned in each subject.
  • Transferred Hours and Grades:  Indicates the number of hours of transfer by subject and the grade percentage earned in each of the subject hours transferred with specific identification of the school from which the transfer hours were accepted.

Lincoln College will convert clock-hours indicated above to award credit hours (at an approximate conversion rate of 41.67 clock hours to every credit hour) to students through a Lincoln College academic transcript according to the transcript marks and grades identified above upon the request of the student.  Students desiring to sit for their State Board Licensing examination are required to use the official transcripts of the Midwest College of Cosmetology when applying with the State of Illinois to become licensed.  Students may also request an academic transcript from Lincoln College in order to seek transfer to another academic institution according to that institutions policy regarding vocational/technical credit transferability.

Academic coursework (10 credits) completed as part of the vocational/technical certificate programs at Midwest College of Cosmetology (PER 102 (32 hours), HEL 101 (32 hours), BUS 200 (48 hours), and SPE 109 (48 hours)) will award students a contact-hour to clock-hour equivalency as indicated above on the Midwest College of Cosmetology transcripts provided the student earns a “C” or better in the academic courses (the equivalent of 160 total clock hours).  Clock hours recorded on the official Midwest College of Cosmetology transcripts will be recorded under the appropriate subjects of each academic course.  Grading in the above academic courses is determined through the grading policies for academic courses as indicated above.