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Grade & Transcript Definitions

Academic Course Grade and Transcript Mark definitions:

Midwest College of Cosmetology Grades and Transcript Marks:

Transcript marks for the vocational/technical certificate classes offered through the Midwest College of Cosmetology are indicated on the official transcripts issued by the Midwest College of Cosmetology as indicated below:

Lincoln College will convert clock-hours indicated above to award credit hours (at an approximate conversion rate of 41.67 clock hours to every credit hour) to students through a Lincoln College academic transcript according to the transcript marks and grades identified above upon the request of the student.  Students desiring to sit for their State Board Licensing examination are required to use the official transcripts of the Midwest College of Cosmetology when applying with the State of Illinois to become licensed.  Students may also request an academic transcript from Lincoln College in order to seek transfer to another academic institution according to that institutions policy regarding vocational/technical credit transferability.

Academic coursework (10 credits) completed as part of the vocational/technical certificate programs at Midwest College of Cosmetology (PER 102 (32 hours), HEL 101 (32 hours), BUS 200 (48 hours), and SPE 109 (48 hours)) will award students a contact-hour to clock-hour equivalency as indicated above on the Midwest College of Cosmetology transcripts provided the student earns a “C” or better in the academic courses (the equivalent of 160 total clock hours).  Clock hours recorded on the official Midwest College of Cosmetology transcripts will be recorded under the appropriate subjects of each academic course.  Grading in the above academic courses is determined through the grading policies for academic courses as indicated above.