Monthly progress reports are sent to Midwest College of Cosmetology students to aid in keeping them aware of their academic progress. The reports include the student’s current grade point average and a record of attendance. Students must maintain a total cumulative GPA and attendance average of at least 82% in order to be considered making satisfactory progress.

Practical work is calculated into a student’s GPA. Practical skills are evaluated according to printed procedures distributed to students at orientation and at the start of each class. A zero is given to any student absent on the day of practical grading, however, a student is still required to show competency in that area to be eligible to service guests. Attendance is also calculated into a student’s GPA. Attendance is taken on a daily basis. Attendance is taken for each class and grades are assigned for attendance monthly. In order to receive credit for attendance a student must be present when role is taken. For each day a student is absent or tardy a zero is given.