Academic honesty is fundamental to the stated mission of Lincoln College; each member of the academic community at Lincoln College-Normal is expected to abide by the highest standard of academic integrity.  All academic work in any Lincoln College class must be performed honestly and be the student’s own original effort.  Academic dishonesty threatens the well-being of the entire College, and confirmed infractions of the College’s academic honesty policy will lead to official sanctions, including notation of the infraction in the student’s permanent academic record.

Each faculty member is responsible for:

  • Clearly outlining rules for permissible collaboration on assignments
  • Indicating the appropriate method of proper citation of sources for her/his particular class
  • Clearly identifying consequences for infractions of the Lincoln College academic honesty policy

Each student is responsible for:

  • Reading and understanding the Lincoln College academic honesty policy
  • Submitting only her/his own original work
  • Properly acknowledging any sources used in completing assignments
  • Not assisting another individual to violate Lincoln College’s academic honesty policy

Lincoln College has a 3-tiered policy of infractions of the Academic Integrity Policy which lead to corresponding consequences (generally noted by the faculty member’s syllabus). Repeat offenses in other courses will lead to consequences at the next tier which may include institutional sanctions up to and including dismissal from the College.