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Accelerated Bridge to Education

All Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) students are considered degree-seeking students and are required to apply and be accepted to Lincoln College prior to enrollment in courses. There is no application fee, but all students accepted into the ABE program must pay a $50.00 confirmation deposit to be enrolled.  This fee is applied directly to the tuition of the first ABE class.

Admissions Process and Requirements

ABE Undergraduate Degree Applicants

ABE Appeal for Admission

Lincoln College is a learner-centered institution and is committed to the success of adult students.  Focusing on the educational process, it is our experience that students who have worked full-time for at least three years (post-high school) are best prepared to participate meaningfully in our adult programs.  The interactive nature of our courses require students to be able to apply classroom theory to real work/professional situations, and students who lack this professional background may not be as successful in achieving course outcomes.


Returning Students in Good Standing

Accelerated Bridge to Education program degrees are designed to allow flexibility to complete the course of study.  Students may find it necessary to stop taking courses for a period of time and can apply for re-admission to Lincoln College at any time.  Students that are re-admitted return to Lincoln College with the same academic standing as when they left.  However students are subject to the current College catalog and program curriculum after a period of one calendar year of absence. Please see the Leave of Absence Policy in this catalog for further information.

Academic Renewal Program

The Accelerated Bridge to Education Program (ABE) offers the College’s Academic Renewal Program to those adult learners returning to Lincoln College who may have been previously academically dismissed from the College’s traditional programs and have not attended the College for at least three (3) calendar years. Returning to college as an adult learner, these students may be given the opportunity to demonstrate new potential for academic success in college.

The invitation to participate in Academic Renewal is not automatically extended to all students who have been academically dismissed from the College. The Dean of Academic Affairs reviews the academic records of those returning adults who are eligible for Academic Renewal and may offer those students the option to participate in the program upon receipt of their appeal letter and determination of their eligibility. Please refer to the Academic Renewal Policy in this catalog for more information.

Expired Applications

ABE Applications remain current for one year after submission. ABE students who do not enroll in any Lincoln College course within one year must reapply and complete the ABE admissions process under the policies and degree requirements in effect at the time of reapplication. There will be another confirmation deposit required prior to enrollment.

More Information

The Center for Adult Learning (CAL) and Accelerated Bridge to Education (ABE) Program Office of Admissions is located in the CAL Building at 1609 Northbrook Drive, on the northeast corner of the LCN campus. Office hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday, or by appointment. Contact the Center for Adult Learning, ABE Office of Admissions by phone at (309) 268-4338 or email