Computer labs in Rooms 107 and 108 of the main academic building are available for student use, unless they are in use as classrooms, whenever the academic building is open. Open lab hours are posted outside the labs each semester. Students also have access to computers in the Student Commons and the Learning Resource Center (Room 105). The academic building is also equipped with a wireless Internet network.

Students must agree to abide by the College’s Appropriate Use Policy found in the Student Code of Conduct to have access to the College’s computer resources.

General Computer Lab Guidelines

  1. Students are expected to be considerate of other students who are studying or working in the Lab. Such consideration includes:
    • Keeping noise and conversation levels to a minimum.
    • Having cell phones turned off or on the vibrate setting.
    • Maintaining appropriate behavior befitting a study area, including appropriate language use.
    • Using the lab computers for school-related purposes only (including the internet and installed software.)
  2. Food and drink are not permitted in the Computer Labs.
  3. Disconnection of hardware from the computers is prohibited as is the downloading of any unauthorized software.
  4. Computers are the property of Lincoln College-Normal and must be treated as such.

Any student found not following these guidelines may be asked to leave the computer lab by any college official/student lab monitor or have their computer privileges revoked.

Students may contact Lincoln College-Normal Technology Support at or by phone at (309) 268-HELP.