Lincoln College-Normal will be a premier learner-centered institution that provides excellence in academic programming, student learning, and student services.

We achieve excellence by:

  • Responding to student and community needs
  • Promoting faculty excellence
  • Ensuring academic rigor and encouraging intellectual and personal growth
  • Providing alternatives in course delivery
  • Serving our diverse student population

Key strategies that implement and enhance this vision include:

  • a variety of associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and certificate programs
  • professional  tutoring and advising
  • personalized learning environments
  • a low student-teacher ratio
  • modern academic and living facilities
  • monitored academic growth

These keys to successful learning are provided for students in an environment that is challenging, structured, and supportive. Lincoln College-Normal has long fostered a student-centered approach to education. It had a tradition of learner-centered education before the concept became universally popular. Its tradition, guiding vision, the philosophy of its faculty and student services, and its low teacher-student ratio enable the College to provide the important element of individual attention that makes the difference between success and failure for many students.