The following definitions of course sequencing are applicable to all Lincoln College-Normal courses:

  • Prerequisite Courses (Prereq.): A course or requirement which must be successfully completed to enrolling in a subsequent course(s). Prerequisite courses may not be waived or substituted without a legitimate rationale as determined by all of the following: the instructor, the division/program head, and the Dean of Academic Affairs.
  • Co-requisite Courses (Coreq.): Any course(s) which may be taken concurrently or prior to enrollment in another course(s). No prerequisite may be treated as a co-requisite.
  • Recommended Sequence (Recommend): Any course which is recommended by the Program Department to be sequenced prior to enrollment in a subsequent course. While it is strongly suggested to the student to complete the appropriate sequence of courses, it is not required that a student follow the sequence. Recommended sequencing indicates that a subsequent course does not require successful completion of the prior course.