Courses are identified on College documents by both name (Introduction to Literature) and course number (ENG 105). The alphabetical prefix of the course number identifies the discipline through which the course is offered, and the number indicates the academic level of the course.

The following numbering system identifies the definition of the academic level of a course:

(1-99) Pre-college Level Courses

These course numbers indicate developmental, pre-college level classes which do not receive college credit and are thus not calculated in the student’s grade point average. These courses are not transferable to other post secondary institutions.

(100-199) Lower Division Survey Courses

These numbers indicate introductory courses which typically survey an entire academic discipline and/or introduce students to the fundamental nature of a discipline’s method of inquiry. Such courses are normally appropriate for fulfilling general education requirements.

Note: MAT 101 and ENG 100 are basic courses which count toward the electives portion of Lincoln College-Normal degrees but are typically not accepted as fulfillment of departmental requirements and are generally not transferable.

(200-299) Lower Division Intermediate Courses

These numbers indicate courses which are intermediate in nature. These courses generally assume previous introduction to the discipline studied. Courses at this level provide basic understanding of material and provide students with the background necessary for more advanced study. These courses are also normally appropriate for fulfilling general education requirements.

(300-399) Upper Division Courses

These course numbers indicate upper division undergraduate courses that require prerequisites or that are of sufficient complexity or difficulty that they require a broader educational background and maturity to perform at optimal levels. Courses at this level require an advanced and rigorous level of study.

(400-499) Upper Division Advanced Courses

These numbers indicate advanced upper division undergraduate courses. These courses require previous, extensive study in the area or academic ability normally acquired during six full-time semesters of college work. Such courses may require students to work far more independently.