SIT 402: Senior Research Project

Credits: 3
An independent study course designed for those students interested in pursuing a master’s degree or students with significant previous work experience who choose to opt out of the internship experience designed by the College. Students will conduct actual research with faculty supervision, reflect on the research process, and develop a written product documenting the research and final results. Open to senior students in good academic standing.
Prereq. CRT 303 and Senior standing

SIT 403: Capstone Seminar

Credits: 3
Designed to help students integrate and strengthen their research, writing and analytical skills by applying these skills to the Learning Outcomes of the Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree. Seminar discussions aid in formulation and development of a final showcase portfolio, the production of a paper which synthesizes the learning outcomes of the degree, and with transition from academe to the workplace. Course must be taken in the student’s final semester.
Prereq. Senior standing

SIT 491: Senior Internship

Credits: 3
The internship allows students to apply the liberal arts skills of research, writing and analysis in work situations, thereby enhancing the development of these skills. Contains a significant academic component, provides a valuable learning experience for the undergraduate, and makes a meaningful contribution to the student’s program of study. This course may be repeated for an additional 3 hours as elective credit hours.
Prereq. Senior standing and permission of Program Director of Liberal Arts