PHL 103: Introduction to Philosophy (G2)

Credits: 3
This course introduces some of the major fields, topics, concerns, methods, and use of philosophy/Critical thinking is emphasized.
IAI – H4.900

PHL 105: Logic (G2)

Credits: 3
This course offers a study of methods of critical thinking which enable persons to distinguish between correct and incorrect reasoning, especially in problem solving regarding practical affairs. The attention focuses on problems in the use of language prejudices, confusion of issues, the detection of internal fallacies, and the rules for valid deductive and inductive reasoning. Emphasis may be on either classical logic or symbolic logic, depending on the instructor.
IAI – H4.906

PHL 107: Ethics (G2)

Credits: 3
This course is an examination of problems of personal and social morality and methods for their resolution by great thinkers, past, and present. A variety of moral positions, concepts, and systems will be studied and applied to various ethical issues.
IAI – H4.904

PHL 301: Philosophy in Popular Culture

Credits: 3
Designed to integrate fundamental theories and principles of contemporary western philosophy by prominent philosophers with the development of popular culture in the United States. Uses popular movies, television programs, literature, and social issues as case studies for examining the influence of western philosophical thought on the trends, values, and beliefs of American popular culture.

PHL 302: Values and Choices

Credits: 3
The course provides an introduction to analysis of conduct, moral reasoning, and ethical values and examines life and death issues, sexuality, truth-telling in medicine, honesty in business, cheating and lying, stealing and reparation, racism, social conflict, multicultural ethics, work and community service, and capital punishment.

PHL 303: Contemporary Philosophy and Politics

Credits: 3
A study of the political theories and political philosophies which have been influential in shaping contemporary political ideologies. Re-interpretations of traditional political ideologies such as nationalism, liberalism, fascism, communism, socialism, and capitalism as well as the development of new ideologies such as feminism, environmentalism, political Islam, and postmodernism are applied to the contemporary world.