Lincoln College

Undergraduate Catalog :: Normal Campus

Organizational Leadership

ORL 201: Foundations of Leadership

Credits: 3

The course is a survey of various theories and principles of leadership from the individual, personal, group, and organizational perspectives which are required to create and maintain high-performing organizations.  Students will be encouraged to assess their own leadership style and to develop a leadership action plan.

ORL 401: Strategic Organizational Development and Change

Credits: 3

This course is a study of the major concepts and approaches to leadership deve3lopment and strategic planning for organizations.  The course examines the role of mission and vision, re-engineering and restructuring in relation to organizational effectiveness, and the influence of culture, diversity, ethics, and technology in organizational adaptation and responsiveness to a changing institutional environment.

ORL 495: Advanced Leadership Philosophy and Practice

Credits: 3

Designed as the capstone course, students will review current leadership and development theories and practices as those theories and practices relate to fundamental changes in the social, economic, political, and global environment.  The course examines the implications of these changes on individual leadership development and the affect the changes have on the art and science of leadership practice. Prereq. ORL 401 and BUS 412.  Course must be taken in the student’s final semester.