HIS 101: Western Civilization I (G9)

Credits: 3
This course surveys the historical evolution of Western Civilization from the dawn of history through the Renaissance and the rise of the Nation-State system.
IAI – S2.902

HIS 102: Western Civilization II (G9)

Credits: 3
This course is a continuation of History 101 from Louis XIV to the present.
IAI – S2.903

HIS 121: United States History I (G9 or G12)

Credits: 3
This course studies the time frame from the colonial period through the Civil War. In addition to political history, the social and economic forces which have profoundly affected the American people and the problems which attend world leadership.
IAI – S2.900

HIS 122: United States History II (G9 or G12)

Credits: 3
This course is a continuation of History 121 from the Civil War to the present.
IAI – S2.901

HIS 205: The United States in the Twentieth Century (G9 or G12)

Credits: 3
This course traces the great change in the United States from the 20th century’s dawn to the present. Special emphasis will be placed upon cultural-social forces and responses, including popular culture and entertainment, reform movements, and American values, in the context of the dynamic interplay of political and world events from a cultural/social and a domestic perspective.

HIS 211: The Life of Lincoln and the Civil War I (G9 or G12)

Credits: 3
This course is a survey of the important history and events affecting the life of Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War.  Use of Lincoln College’s special collections of books and pamphlets as well as the writings of Abraham Lincoln will be included in the study.

HIS 301 Studies in Leadership

Credits: 3
Study and analysis of the leadership characteristics and skills of a selected historical leader whose leadership significantly impacted the society, culture, and world in which the leader lived. Focuses on the definition of effective leadership as exemplified by the leader chosen. Leaders studied vary by semester and instructor. Students may take the course a maximum of two times provided the leader is not the same as the previous semester taken.