FRN 101: French I (G2 or G11)

Credits: 4
A course for those who have no French or who have had one year of high school French. Emphasizes the development of audio-lingual skills in practical and realistic everyday situations that are immediately meaningful to beginning students and a thorough knowledge of basic structures and grammar and some practice in reading, writing, and culture.

FRN 102: French II (G2 or G11)

Credits: 4
A continuation of French I. Includes a review of grammar, practice in conversation and composition, plus reading of selected material.
Prereq. FRN 101 or high school equivalent.

FRN 103: Conversational French

Credits: 1
Emphasis on improving speaking proficiency and listening comprehension through free conversation and oral presentations. Stress on correct, idiomatic use of the French language in everyday situations.
Prereq. FRN 102 or high school equivalent.