(Vocational/Technical Courses)

COS 100:  Cosmetology I

Credits: 5
This course is designed to develop basic cosmetology skills, including the preparation, procedure, and completion of the hands-on and theoretical lessons.  Topics include, but are not limited to, professional development, use of tools, shampooing, chemical safety, trichology, sanitation, skin diseases and conditions, and Illinois law.  The student is also introduced to braiding, roller placement, ginger waving, and gravity chair massages.  Other topics that will be reviewed are anatomy and physiology, electricity and chemical safety, hair and scalp conditioning, and equipment usage.  Students will also be exposed to training in relating to clients.

COS 117: Cosmetology II

Credits: 6
This course familiarizes the student with the theory of haircutting and the ability to perform the different cutting procedures.  Instruction will also include basic manicure and pedicure procedures, and the theory behind them.  Students will begin to focus more on client relationships including retailing procedures and product knowledge.

COS 130: Cosmetology III

Credits: 5
This course exposes the student to the Student Salon Floor.  They will have core sheet requirements that will include services that need to be completed.  The theory will focus on wigs and hair additions, chemical texturing, hair color, and nail technology.

COS 140: Cosmetology IV

Credits: 4
This course emphasizes completion of core requirements on the student salon floor, and includes instruction in chemical safety, permanent re-texturizing, and the student of skin and makeup.  Students will also begin an introduction to the necessary business skills to a become successful stylist.  Students will go over business projects and how to seek employment.  Advanced texture procedures will be introduced.

COS 150: Cosmetology V

Credits: 6
This course focuses on advanced classes including practical work on the Salon floor, cumulative finals, and state board review.

COS 190: Cosmetology Instructor I

500 Clock Hours
Designed to develop basic cosmetology instructional skills, a familiarization of basic theory and fundamental principles of teaching.  Prereq. Licensed Cosmetologist

COS 192: Cosmetology Instructor II

500 Clock Hours
Provides supervised student instruction, preparation and presentation of lesson plans, evaluation of subject matter, and business procedures related to Cosmetology College.  Covers methods of teaching and testing students.  Includes completion of an instructional portfolio.  Successful completion of this course enables the student to sit for the State of Illinois Instructor examination.  Prereq. COS 190