Lincoln College

Undergraduate Catalog :: Normal Campus


CMN 301: Communication Theory

Credits: 3
Study of the theories, history, economics, audiences, and regulations of the major forms of mass media, including newspapers, magazines, motion pictures, radio, television, and new electronic communications. Focus on understanding the roles of mass media and their effects on society and the individual.

CMN 302: Techniques of Persuasion

Credits: 3
Surveys the theoretical and empirical literature relating to persuasion and public opinion. Examines how persuasive messages are crafted and their impact on individual and group attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors.

CMN 303: Presentation Design

Credits: 3
Improves speaking and listening abilities through the study and practice of public speaking. Main focus is on the construction, expression, and generation of responses to both informative and persuasive forms of public discourse. Coherent argument with a clearly understood and utilized sense of audience and purpose is central to the work in this course.
Prereq. SPE 101.

CMN 310: Conflict Management (formerly CRT 302)

Credits: 3
Systematic examination of conflict resolution theories, creating the basis for the practice of negotiation and mediation. Readings from a broad range of academic disciplines, including economics, law, social psychology, and anthropology, as well as dispute resolution. Includes critical evaluation of the respective bodies of theory and testing of theoretical principles against their experience in managing conflict.