ART 111: Art Appreciation (G4)

Credits: 3
This course is a survey covering a broad spectrum to introduce art styles, functions, mediums, and elements of visual art.

ART 123: Art History

Credits: 3
The emphasis of this course will be on basic art and historical approaches, such as, for example, stylistic analysis, iconographic study, and historical development of techniques, materials, and formats. Rudimentary art, historical terms, and concepts will be explained and essential vocabulary in the field stressed. The course is a survey of visual art and artists from the Pre-Historic period through the Middle Ages.

ART 301: Understanding the Arts

Credits: 3
Ways of seeing and discussing art from around the world, including painting, sculpture, prints, photography, architecture, and other historical and contemporary media. Focus is on understanding of form and expression in works of art.
Prereq. Junior/Senior Standing