Liberal Arts offers one academic minor in for students enrolled in the traditional and ABE programs diversity studies. Students earning any of the other baccalaureate degrees offered by the College may declare the Minor in Diversity Studies. Students pursuing a major in Liberal Arts may not earn this minor.

The diversity minor consists of 21 hours. There will be 15 required hours plus 6 elective hours.

Upon successful completion of Minor in Diversity Studies, students will be able to:

  • Express an understanding of diversity in a variety of forms
  • Discuss the trends in diversity, including the eternal factors
  • Articulate the need for a diverse workforce
  • Demonstrate experience/practice with an understanding of diversity in the workplace

Required Courses

Core (6 hrs)

  • PSY 201: Social Psychology (PSY 101 Prereq)
  • SOC 206: Minority Relations

Relationships (3 hrs)

  • CMN 310: Conflict Management

Practicum (3 hrs)

  • IDS 491: Diversity Practicum

The practicum allows students to apply the skills and knowledge developed in the diversity studies program. The placement would contain a significant opportunity to work with diversity in some capacity, such as providing workshops, reviewing procedures for compliance to laws, etc. This course may be repeated for an additional 3 hours as diversity elective credit hours. Senior standing.

Workplace: Choose One (3 hrs)

  • BUS 316: Workplace Diversity
  • CJS 458: Racism in the Criminal Justice System

Diversity Electives: Choose Two (6 hrs)

Work Related

  • BUS 313: International Business
  • CJS 362: International Criminal Justice
  • BUS 316 or CJS 458: If not chosen as workplace choice above

Literature & Culture

  • ENG 309: Advanced Literary Genres – Diversity Literature
  • GEO 301: Cultural Geography


  • ANT 302: Global Issues
  • POS 301: International Relations

Social Influences

  • SOC 306: Social Institutions
  • SPE 260: Small Groups
  • PHL 302: Values and Choices