Janine Peacher

Assistant Professor, Program Director for Liberal Arts and General Education

Phone: (309) 268-4302
Education: M.S., Illinois State University; B.A., Jarvis Christian College

Classes Commonly Taught:

  • Internship
  • Speech


John I. Hill

Associate Professor, Program Director for Liberal Arts and General Education

Phone: (309) 268-4305
Education: M.A., University of Maine, Orono; B.A., University of Maine, Farmington

Classes Commonly Taught:

  • Mat 101
  • Mat 104
  • Mat 110
  • Mat 135

His academic background is pure and applied mathematics for undergraduate and master’s degree work with mathematics education the focus of the work for a PhD.  He is ABD for a PhD in mathematics education and has served as a co-author of publications for finite mathematics, applied calculus, and applied mathematics. His research interests include various aspects of teaching and learning, especially studies that address misconceptions in learning. Hobbies include problem solving in practical everyday ways as well as theoretical ones and trouble-shooting in the myriad of ways that affect our everyday lives.

Mary Adams

Associate Professor of English, Humanities

Phone: (309) 268-4311
Education: M.S., Illinois State University; B.A., Illinois State University

She has presented at national conferences on the topic of expectations and student success. Her personal interest is creative writing – short stories and poetry. Her hobbies are traveling, gardening, and creative writing.

Scott Aigner

Art Instructor

Education: M.F.A., Ohio State University; M.A., Eastern Illinois University; B.A., Eastern Illinois University

Sienna Beard

Humanities Instructor

Education: M.A., Bradley University; B.A., Knox College

In addition to working at Lincoln College, Sienna teaches writing classes for home-school students, and also edits PhD papers. Her research interests include British Literature, Russian Literature, Creative Writing and Business Writing.

Mark Brown

Mathematics Instructor

Education: M.S., Illinois State University; B.S., University of Illinois-Urbana

Jill Bucher

Assistant Professor of Science

Phone: (309) 268-4320
Education: M.S., Western Illinois University; B.S., Western Illinois University

Jill Bucher has always had a strong interest in teaching the sciences. She taught 9 years at the high school level and has spent the last 10 years teaching at Lincoln College – Normal. Her master’s is in biology with an emphasis in education. Science is always developing in new directions and she believes that those discoveries need to be incorporated into the lessons because students are naturally curious so including the new developments with the standard topics motivates a student to further consider the role of science in his/her life. She is the faculty advisor for the Goin’ Green club which is a new club that’s the goal is to educate and provide the campus and the surrounding community with organically grown and nurtured food sources and sustainable living. Her hobbies include gardening, biking, walking trails, traveling and unusual pets.

Jackie Case

Speech Instructor

Education: M.S., Illinois State University; B.S., Illinois State University

For Jackie Case, as a Communication scholar, the world is her classroom and her workplace. The courses she teaches – Speech, Persuasion, Small Group, Media Theory, and Conflict Management – are all used on a daily basis whether as a freelance corporate trainer, writer and conference speaker, running a small charity called Wing Cover, or providing Biblical counseling as an ordained minister. Her hobbies include making handmade cards of encouragement for children in the foster system and freelance artwork.

Tim Foster

Sociology Instructor

Education: M.A., Northern Arizona University; B.A., Arizona State University

Gina Fritz

Reading Instructor

Education: M.S., Illinois State University; B.S., Illinois State University

Todd Hauser

Communication Instructor

Education: M.A., University of Missouri-Columbia, B.A.; University of Wisconsin

Angela McCombs

Mathematics Instructor

Education: M.S., Illinois State University; B.S., Illinois State University

Patty Michels

Communications Instructor

Education: M.A. Illinois State University; B.A. University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point

In addition to her classes at Lincoln College, Patty facilitates First Aid/CPR/AED classes for the American Red Cross. She is an active member of Toastmasters International. Academic interests are in applied communication and experiential learning. As for hobbies, Patty wants to sail more often.

George Mueller

History Instructor

Education: M.S., Illinois State University, B.A., Western Illinois University

Angela Reiners

English Instructor

Education: M.A., University of Illinois at Springfield; B.S., Illinois State University; B.A., Lincoln Christian College

Dan Rowe

Mathematics Instructor

Education: M.S., DePaul University; B.S., Purdue University

Bill Schureman

Anthropology Instructor

Education: M.A., University of Illinois-Springfield; B.A., Taylor University

Michael Sherfy, Ph.D.

Critical Thinking Instructor

Education: Ph.D., University of Illinois-Champaign; M.S. ,University of Illinois Champaign

Todd Spellman

Computer Science/Philosophy Instructor

Education: M.A., Lincoln Christian Seminary; B.A., Lincoln Christian College

Robert Stanford

Economics Instructor

Education: M.S., Illinois State University; B.A., University of Illinois-Springfield

Don Wasson

History Instructor

Phone: (309) 452-3278 (Home)
Education: M.A., Eastern Illinois University; B.S., Eastern Illinois University; D.A., Illinois State University

Don is presently retired from teaching with the Illinois Department of Education. He holds a B.S. in Ed and M.A., from Eastern Illinois and a D.A. from ISU. Besides teaching as an adjunct, he is involved with the Ancient History Encyclopedia, a web-site resource, as both a contributor and peer reviewer. His personal research interests involve around Alexander the Great and the early Greek and Roman civilizations. His hobbies include reading and writing as well as enjoying the companionship of his two cats and dog – Deliah Marie.

Dr. Don Wright

Anatomy and Physiology Instructor

Phone: (309) 452-1800 (Home), (309) 454-1800 (Work)
Education: Doctor of Chiropractic, Logan College of Chiropractic; B.S., Southern Illinois University, Carbondale

Don has been a practicing Chiropractic physician for 25 years in Normal, IL, teaching anatomy for 5 years at Calvary Christian Academy & Lincoln College. He is also a Normal and Slow pitch softball umpire for 11 years. His hobbies include running, tennis, and snow skiing.