The Internship program is designed to expose students to the challenges and rewards of the health services administration profession. Students are given an opportunity to complement their classroom preparation by observations of health care managerial operations and/or by applications of their classroom knowledge and skills to the projects/situations in the real healthcare environment. Students are also presented with an option to gain valuable experience, to identify career opportunities, and to make connections with professionals who might provide letters of recommendation or help with job searches. Internship requires 30 clock hours of “field experience” for every credit hour of academic time, but no more than 90 hours. Mid-career students with managerial experience in the healthcare field may request PLA credits for this course.

The Internship experience is an essential component of the curriculum of Health Services Administration program. It contributes to the undergraduate education by providing an opportunity to experience the role of the healthcare administrator as the student develops quality of leadership and formulates personal career goals and values.

It is expected that students participate effectively in association with the other personnel at the internship location.

Course Objectives

  1. To provide students with an opportunity to interact with practicing health care providers and discuss multifaceted nature of healthcare delivery today.
  2. To create an environment that will allow students to learn about multiply careers and opportunities available for health administration majors.
  3. To offer an option of earlier networking to foster success in internships and job placement activities.
  4. To assure an early professional orientation
  5. To provide ground for a successful students’ retention.
  6. To acquire an appreciation for the opportunities and challenges that face health care delivery organizations as they enter the 21st Century.
  7. To enhance students’ professional marketability.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Internship, students should be able to:

  • identify and explain the goals, missions, and characteristics of the health care organizations for which they have interned;
  • demonstrate knowledge of the organization’s services, resource requirements, demands for the services, organizational structure, and current operating policies and procedures;
  • describe complexities, challenges and rewards of the healthcare management profession in the context of the obtained experience and current external health care environment;
  • create portfolio that should portray their ability to apply leadership, management, problem solving, decision making and general administration skills obtained in the course of study;
  • develop some professional networking.


The internship director, Natalia Rekhter, is available to both the students and the Internship placement supervisors for consultation and problem-solving during the internship experience. If the intern runs into any challenges, it is best to contact the internship director at, (309) 268-4319 or (317) 410-3148 as soon as possible.