As health care organizations continue to grow more complex, a degree in health administration is rapidly becoming essential for organizational and individual success in the field.

Lincoln College offers a Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration (BSHSA).

The BSHSA degree is aimed at people who have an interest in:

  • health care administration, beyond clinical work and/or
  • business and management

In today’s environment time is a valuable asset. We realize the complexities of students’ lives and offer the BSHSA in an accelerated format, so students can achieve their goals and become competent, efficient, and effective leaders in the health care industry.

The Bachelor of Health Services Administration Degree prepares students with and without health care experience to become competent leaders in health care administration. Students complete courses in four academic areas including Business Foundation, Healthcare Systems, Policy and Management, and Integrating of Health Service Management Theory and Practice. The program culminates in an experiential educational component via a three (3) credit hour internship or practicum and the capstone seminar Applied Health Administration.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the program the student will be prepared to:

  1. Apply knowledge of the United States healthcare delivery systems, functions, and challenges to real health care management-related situations.
  2. Strengthen oral, written, visual presentation, and interpersonal communication skills.
  3. Improve students’ current ability of using technology, analytical tools, and software.
  4. Explain ethical choices and obligations health care organizations are facing.
  5. Recognize legal and social responsibility of health care organizations in terms of the impact of legislation on health care policy and delivery.
  6. Describe major epidemiological concepts of health and disease.
  7. Connect theory and practice for effective leadership decisions applicable to the contemporary, diverse and multicultural health care environment.