The Criminal Justice Studies program offers an academic minor which students in the ABE or traditional programs may apply to their degree/major. The course work for a CJS minor emphasizes acquiring knowledge of the structure and process of the criminal justice system, a basic understanding of criminal law, an introduction to crime causation, an ethics class, and six credit hours of upper division elective classes emphasizing the student’s professional focus.

Students pursuing a Criminal Justice BS degree may not earn a minor in Criminal Justice. Students earning any of the other baccalaureate degrees offered by the College may declare one of the following Criminal Justice Studies minors.


Students Majoring in Criminal Justice Studies may not declare a Minor in Criminal Justice.

Successfully complete seven courses each of the following with a grade of C or better for a total of 21 hours.

  • CJS 108: Introduction to Criminal Justice Studies
  • CJS 240: Criminal Law I
  • CJS 346: Criminal Law II or
  • CJS 444: Constitutional Law I (Prereq. POS 101) or
  • CJS 445: Constitutional Law II (Prereq. POS 101) or
  • CJS 350: Criminology
  • CJS 456: Ethics in Criminal Justice
  • Any two additional CJS 300-400 level classes (6 hours) approved by the Academic Program Director of Criminal Justice Studies