Certificates are not academic degrees but are provided to document knowledge in certain professional fields for those students aspiring to employment in that field or for current professionals seeking to acquire new knowledge for professional advancement. Classes used to satisfy the requirements for a certificate carry academic credit and may also be used to satisfy major and minor degree requirements.

Criminal Justice Studies Certificates (Traditional)

In addition to the Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Studies, the CJS program also offers students and working professionals the opportunity to earn an individual certificate by focusing their coursework in specific facets of Criminal Justice Studies. All classes used to satisfy the requirement for a CJS Certificate carry academic credit and the credit used to obtain a CJS Certificate may be used to satisfy the requirements for an academic degree at Lincoln College.

Prior to completion of all coursework required for a CJS Certificate, the student should submit an Application for Certificate to the Program Director of the Criminal Justice Studies program.

Certificate Offered

  • CJS School Safety and Security Certificate (15 credit hours)

Certificate Requirements (15 hours)

Five courses from the list below.

  • CJS 108: Introduction to Criminal Justice Studies
  • CJS 280: Juvenile Justice
  • CJS 474: First Responder and Hostage Situations
  • CJS 480: School Safety, Security & Response to Violence
  • PSY 207: Abnormal Psychology (Prereq. PSY 101) or
  • CMN 310: Conflict Management or
  • CJS 350: Criminology