Welcome to the Business Management Club

Upcoming Events (Spring 2015): Good luck on finals everyone!!!

Spring 2015 Semester
Tuesday, April 28th: Brian Jesse, CTO of InternRocket.com guest speaker
Thursday, March 19th: Illinois State University Spring Career Fair at the Bone Center. 
March 5th: President John Blackburn addressed the Business Management Club
February 19th: Small Business Owner and graduate of Lincoln College Kendra Stewart!!
February 5th: Credit Building Seminar

Fall 2014 Semester
November 7th: StartUP ISU showcase
October 15th: Organizational meeting: fundraisers, charity events, guest speaker discussions
October 2nd: Bake Sale fundraiser
September 17th: Organizational meeting
September 3rd: Welcome back meeting and brainstorming session.

Spring 2014 Semester
April 28th: President Kendra Stewart addressed the Business Management Club
April 8th: Mayor Rich Buchanan spoke on “Organizational Culture and Change”
March 31st: Mr. Bill Crutcher spoke on “The Value of Customer Service in Today’s Business Environment.”
March 18th: Tour of D’Agostino’s Pizza in Downtown Bloomington
March 3rd: LinkedIn Presentation presented by Mr. Nathan McCoy and Daniel Reed.
February 26th: Bake Sale at Lincoln College Normal
February 24th: Mr. Tom O’Connor spoke on “How to Stand Out in the Crowd of New Graduates.”

About Us:
Founded in the Fall semester of 2013, Lincoln College’s Business Management Club uniquely empowers
students and club members to learn beyond the classroom, network with business professionals, be
involved in the local community, and to create and explore exciting new business opportunities.

President: Zack Cruickshank
Vice President: Brad Williams
Secretary: Katie Smyth
Treasurer: Matt Schefke

Business Management Club Founders:
Kendra Stewart, Richard Gustafson, Riley Smith, Matt Schefke, Daniel Reed,
Joelle Oliver, Macy Monroe, Zac Cruickshank, Jennifer Mueller, Patrick Tshidibi,
Hannah Neumann, Hypacia Duncan, Aaron Hurley, and Dr. Chris Winkler.

How to Join Our Club!:

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Business Management Club, please join us for our next event or email Aaron Hurley at ahurley@lincolncollege.edu or Zac Cruinckshank at cruick91@att.net to get more information!  All majors welcome!!